Monday, March 25, 2013

OnTray Press Release

Clever Invention Streamlines Shopping With Young Children

-        Trips to the Store With Toddlers Become Much Easier Thanks to Innovative OnTray™ -
 March 25, 2013 -- Westerville, Ohio -- Parents everywhere, rejoice! A brilliant baby accessory will make store outings with your energetic tykes considerably smoother.

As any mom or dad will attest, a trip through the grocery store, Wal-Mart or Kroger presents its own unique set of challenges when the tots are in tow. Trying to keep them occupied so that you can shop more efficiently is a constant effort. Snacks are always a tried-and-true option. But stopping every few minutes to grab another cracker or cookie surely slows you up – and giving the box or bag to your little one to manage... disaster!

Now, there's a handy and multifunctional solution.

OnTray™ is a portable, attachable BPA free plastic container designed to free up adult hands and keep little hands busy. Intended for use with children six months and up, the plastic device attaches easily to the shopping cart handles and gives parents a place to lay healthy snacks or small activities which will keep the child happily occupied. Dishwasher safe, OnTray also eliminates the need to carry more than one container of food for your children when running errands, going to the park, etc.

From personal experience, the creator of OnTray knew there had to be a better way to shop with kids. Toting two toddlers and a baby through the market one day, carrying her plastic bag full of Cheerios, Laura was inspired to create a product that would give young children more independence while keeping them safely in the cart. “I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a product like this on the market already.  I had to invent it to help make shopping more enjoyable for other parents and their children”, founder and mother of three Laura Hamrick says.  OnTray was born.  

Outside of shopping with children, OnTray can be used as a container for your coupons, a shopping list and a small calculator. The compact design offers easy storage in a purse, diaper bag or back pack.

OnTray is sold in stores across the U.S. , Canada, Australia and through various online sites. Find a complete listing at     Available in blue, pink, green and yellow for a retail price of $7.00. It is manufactured in the USA.

For more information, to request a sample, photos or an interview with the founder, please contact Laura Hamrick, 42 Kids, LLC, at (888) 208-9240 or