Thursday, July 31, 2008

Need some bling? For your kids I mean!

My blog seems to be turning into a bit of a review site, but I have to share when I see such cute and adorable stuff! I came across this site, and wow does Jennifer, the owner and creator, make great things! She basically adds bling to just about anything for your kids. She does onesies, t-shirts, shoes, wipes cases, pacifier, barrettes...EVERYTHING! Here's what Jennifer has to say,
"Let's face it...all girls are born LOVING bling.The minute I found out that my friend Carolyn delivered a baby girl I could not wait to deck her out in something pink that sparkled! I was surprised how hard it was to find the perfect, personalized baby gift. (Even in a big city like Chicago). I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I guess I'm more of a "chip off the old block" than I ever thought. My mother has always encouraged me to satisfy my artsy side through various craft projects. Since I couldn't find the perfect gift, I decided to make my own design for Taylor and that is where BLiNG-BABY was born.I love the idea of creating personal designs for children that are affordable and adorable. Whether it be their name, nickname, initials or just something endearing to Mom & Dad, make it sparkle and say it in BLiNG!
As the developer of BLiNG-BABY, I want to thank you for visiting my website. What started out as a fun hobby is turning into the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Make sure to check back from time to time as new items will be added to the collection."
If you're looking for a unique gift, visit today!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

50 orders packaged and still going!

Ok, so every once in a while I have good days with OnTray orders. Then Friday came and a review of OnTray posted to! OH MY GOSH!!! I had no idea that from that review I would get over 1000 hits to my web site in 2 days and 50 + orders (mostly 2 & 4 OnTray's per order). I also had quite a few inquiries from retailers wanting to carry OnTray, and I wanted to scream "YOU COULD HAVE THESE FLYING OFF YOUR SHELVES!" In fact, one retailer e-mailed me and said, "Laura did you advertise somewhere? I sold 6 OnTray's in one day!" I was so excited to hear that. If you're reading this and want to talk about becoming a retailer, visit my site, and e-mail me from there. OnTray & I will also be featured in an upcoming issue of Parents Magazine, so I would LOVE to have some more retailers to be able to send customers to. Let's talk today!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

No such thing as FREE press!

Today Ellie Merritt, with our local NBC affiliate here in Columbus, came to the house to interview me about OnTray and being a WAHM. Well, first of all, I woke up with a horrible headache and that threw me into major panic mode about how I was going to come across on film. Second of all, she gets here and is even more beautiful in person, about 10 feet tall & weighs no more than a minute. Great, now I have a headache and a self complex issue! Anyway, she was FANTASTIC! So personable, sophisticated and easy to talk with. I didn't feel intimidated (well maybe a little) and I'm hoping that the editing room at NBC4 is ready to make me look like I didn't have a headache and maybe 15 pounds lighter :). Ellie wanted the boys to be here so she could see how it is to work from home and balance playing with the kids. I was worried that the boys wouldn't be on their best behavior, so last night at bath time I bribed them. Yes, not my proudest moment, but what's a mom to do? Well as soon as they left (and I mean AS SOON as they left) we were off to Target. $60.00 later the boys were happy, and I realized that there really is no such thing as free press!

Ellie Merritt has a great blog about the struggles of juggling all there is in life when you become a parent and a working one at that! She invites her readers to share their thoughts, chat and even laugh about things happening around the! Check it out at :

Monday, July 14, 2008

OnTray & YouTube

I came across this great site, from following Joe, the Joe in Joeprah, on Twitter. His site is fantastic. He is a stay-at-home dad to three girls (is everyone going ahhh?) and runs this site about all things parent related. He talks about the women in the neighborhood not allowing him to joining the Wine Club, or how his daughter draws on the wall and even how he's been voted a Hot Male Blogger! Anyway, I sent him an OnTray to try out and review. He did! Not only did he review it, he videotaped using OnTray. Check it out on YouTube:

Monday, July 07, 2008

4200 feet up in Canaan Valley, West Virginia

My parents have a place in beautiful Canaan Valley, West Virginia. We took the boys there over the 4th and Chad had an idea to take all of them up Timberline's (a ski resort) ski lift that's open during the summer for scenic trips. Anyway, I agreed (even though I was scared to death the boys were going to slip through the rail), and we took the plung, or should I say we headed up the mountain. Here's a picture of Jack, Luke & Ty once we got to the top. They LOVED it! When we got up there, Luke said, "Mama, isn't this beautiful?" Luke also told us he wants to learn how to snowboard this ski season. He's 4! The kid just cracks me up. We hiked around a little bit while we were up there. I think our oldest, Jack, was hoping he'd see a bear. There were signs all over the place, "Don't Feed the Bears", or "Bear Country" so Jack thought for sure he'd see one. I kept asking him what he would do if he actually saw him. He didn't answer me, his eyes just got as big as silver dollars!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ok, seriously, how sweet is this?

I saw this little Mom-invented product and I instantly feel in love with it. It is a giant, soft, sweet, cozy band-aid for those boo-boos that don't bleed. Stomach aches, bruises, hurt feelings...anything really. Just something for them to love on while they're hurt. Here's what the mom behind this great product says about creating it:

"I was introduced to the magic of adhesive bandages when my son was younger. He wanted a bandage for every minor bump. My strict rule of 'no blood no bandage' just made the tears and drama increase. I finally realized that this little piece of plastic provided some real benefit for my son that allowed him to recover faster and so I stopped resisting. About that time, my son started to complain about aches at bedtime. With the same intensity that he had asked for a bandage for his booboos, he was demanding medicine for his aches. Medicine, however, can do more harm than good and I did not want to give him medicine unless he really needed it. At the time I worked for the company who manufactures Polartec® fabric and had plenty of soft fleece fabric. I made him a wrap that looked like a giant bandage and wrapped it around the part that ached. It worked! He will tell you "it makes me feel better".The (oopdoo)™hug was born!"

I just thought it was fantastic, so I wanted to share! Visit for more information.