Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas is chaotic!

It's amazing to me that we spend all year gearing up for one day, Christmas. I realize some of you reading this don't celebrate Christmas, and quite frankly...I'm a little jealous. No, my religion is important to me and I enjoy having this time of year to celebrate "The Reason for the Season" (I think I saw that on a billboard somewhere), but once you have children, the reason becomes how many toys Santa brought them! Man oh man, was our day filled with total chaos! We opened presents from Santa at our house in the morning, then we went to my parents house where Santa apparently thought my children were deprived! They tore through the presents like a tornado, and then went down into their basement to see how they all worked. For about 10 minutes, before all of the fighting began, there was actual peace! My parents and I sat and looked at each other like we had just been robbed! We were robbed by three little boys, who on the outside remind us of such sweet children, but then give them a box wrapped in decorative paper, and forget about it. They are not as sweet as they look. My oldest son Jack said to me yesterday, "Mom we 364 more days until Christmas!" Oh my gosh, that's all I have?!?!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Originally submitted at UncommonGoods

Keep your cash glued to your hip with the strongest tape on earth. This silvery Super Duct Tape wallet won't lift, peel or get sticky, but it will keep your cards and bills safe whether you're bungee jumping from a bridge or installing plastic sheeting. Reinforced metal holes accommodate a security...

This wallet is ducky!

By OnTray 2 Go! from Westerville, Ohio on 12/10/2007


5out of 5

Pros: Slim, Durable

Best Uses: Everyday Use

Describe Yourself: Stylish

I bought this wallet for my husband, now everyone who sees it, wants one. I just bought another one for my brother. It's a terrific converstaion piece!


Sunday, December 09, 2007

OnTray, Wholesale!

I have a couple of sales reps that are carrying OnTray in their line of offerings, and I have OnTray available at few stores, and a few online stores too. I'd love to see OnTray available anywhere and everywhere (well maybe not anywhere or everywhere, but you understand). Where would you like to see OnTray available? Maybe there's a small grocery store in your home town that I've never heard of, or maybe a great little children's boutique that carries unique items like OnTray. In any event, shoot me an e-mail at, or just reply to this post. I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Friday, December 07, 2007


I'm sitting here at my desk, and there is a bulletin board right in front of me. I had to laugh, because everything on it (except for a news clipping of Chad) is either an inspirational quote, a horoscope I cut out of the paper, or notes of encouragement from friends and business associates I've met along the way. Things like, "Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying 'I will try again tomorrow' ". That was sent to me from another Mompreneur I've met throughout my journey named Jordon Golomb. She sells fantastic items on her site, Another card says, "Be patient, stay hopeful..." or one of my favorites, " last the ladder, which had been built slowly, slowly one hope at a time, reached to the clouds. And the dreamer began to climb." I know it sounds silly, but words like these help me. They put things in perspective. Words mean so much to me...they always have. I am so up and down with having brought my idea, my dream, to fruition. Knowing that people care enough about me to say things to me, send me notes of encouragement, or telling me to keep going, just reminds me how blessed I am. This product is not my only offering to the world, but I love that I am surrounded by words to pick me up when I am down, or keep a smile on my face when I am up.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Me, OnTray & Rich Sloan

Today I did a taping of an upcoming show for StartupNation Radio. StartupNation is the largest online community for entrepreneurs and has a tremendous amount of resources for start-ups. I'm not sure when the show that I will be on will air, but click the link below to hear some great interviews, advice and information!

"StartupNation Radio, hosted by lifetime entrepreneurs, the Sloan brothers, provide in-the-trenches expertise on how to start and grow your dream business. Topics include: starting an eBay business, financing your business, marketing your invention, and much more."

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Latest Newsletter

Season's Greetings from 42 Kids


It has been an amazing couple of months since I last sent you a newsletter (sorry about that by the way). OnTray is now available on a French web site, a Canadian web site, a South African web site (coming soon), a few local boutiques, a mom run web site and starting in December OnTray will be available in 15 Minnesota grocery stores! Please visit, to see the entire list of OnTray retailers!

I am continuously blown away by the response that OnTray is receiving. It is simply amazing to me that a little idea I had, has turned out to be a great helper for many people. With that said, OnTray was:

Published as a 2007 "Top Ten Most Innovative" winner in the StartupNation Home-Based 100!StartupNation made its selection from among thousands of home-based entrepreneurs who entered the

To say I am grateful this Holiday Season is an understatement. Thank you to everyone for your support and business.

Happy Holidays,

Laura Hamrick
Creator of OnTray; the Container 2 Go!
42 Kids

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

Well, right now my order for Lunds & Byerly's is somewhere between here (Ohio) and Minnesota! I am so excited, scared, thrilled, anxious, (gosh you name it) about this whole thing. I hope they get there on time, and all in one piece. They're virtually indestructible (the OnTray's) but you never know! I just hope they sell like hotcakes and the buyer calls me again soon to place another order. I have been in contact with some Minneapolis/St.Paul moms groups, a few local businesses and an editor at the Minnesota Parent paper to drum up some buzz about the product launch. Hopefully that will help. Thank you to everyone for their support and guidance. I certainly am one thankful person on the eve of Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

OnTray Recognized by StartupNation As...

I received word on Monday that OnTray and I placed #5 in the Top 10 "Most Innovative" category, of StartupNations Top 100 Businesses! Check it out! What an amazing couple of days it has been. I am up to 3500 hits to my web site today!!!! I have heard from people all around the WORLD. Just thrilling!

Friday, November 02, 2007

OnTray Coming To A Store Near You?

Well at 5:00pm today I received the e-mail I have been waiting on! I met with the buyer on October 5th from a grocery chain in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I can officially announce that Lunds & Byerly's ( will be the first chain to offer OnTray for sale! They placed an order today for 15 of their 21 stores and want them delivered by 11/28! I am just ecstatic. The buyer, Dan, totally gets the product too. He wants to display OnTray with some snack type food like Goldfish to show off how OnTray really helps to make shopping more enjoyable. With Dan's permission, next week I am going to try and contact as many media outlets in their area to drum up some buzz about OnTray. If it does well over the Holiday season, Dan is hoping to offer OnTray as an everyday item. It is amazing to me how you can feel low throughout this process, then instantly it just changes. Hey, if you're in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, look for OnTray soon!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shopping Cart Germs!

I was reading an article yesterday on the main page of MSNBC. It was titled something like 10 Grimiest Spots. Shopping cart handle bars were number 5. Here is what they said.

"Shopping cart handles Saliva, bacteria and fecal matter are just a few of the substances found on shopping cart handles. Cart handles rank high on the yuck scale because they’re handled by dozens of people every day and, of course, raw food carries nasty pathogens.
Reduce the risk: Many stores have dispensers with disinfectant wipes near the carts. If your store doesn’t, bring your own wipes and give the handle a quick swab. Or carry along a cart cover like the Grip-Guard or Healthy Handle."

I guess they haven't heard of OnTray, yet, huh?!?!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Supporting Our Troops (no this is not political)!

For over 6 years now, we have seen signs, commercials, posters, messages, you name it saying "Support The Troops". Not until today, did I truly FEEL the message. A guy in our neighborhood, who happened to be Luke's soccer coach, left this morning for a 6 month deployment to Iraq. Dave has two young daughters and a wife. A friend of mine in the neighborhood arranged for me and Luke and some other neighbors to meet on Dave's driveway with signs, flags and big waves to send him off. What we experienced when he came out of his house to hug us all with big tears streaming down his face, is almost indescribable. This man, a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a friend is VOLUNTARILY missing Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays and other special occasions, to serve our country in Iraq. I personally am not a proponent of the war. I think it stinks quite frankly, but I will tell you this, I SUPPORT THE TROOPS! Especially after seeing Dave drive away from his family and friends. The message has new meaning to me after today.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blogging 101

Ok, so when I met my web designer for the first time about a year ago, one of the first things she suggested I do was to start a blog. I would have loved to have seen the expression on my face when she suggested that. If it didn't have anything to do with the Wiggles, Blues Clues or Noggin I wasn't privy to it. I'm sure I looked like a deer caught in head lights. Needless to say, she gave me some basic guidelines and the rest was blog history. I still feel like I don't really know what I'm doing. I just sort of sit here looking at the screen until something pops into my head. The other night at my networking meeting, WNGCO, we had a bit of a discussion on blogging. What is it? Why do it? Who's reading it? Aren't you a little freaked out about the people reading it? Things like that. I guess you just do what you need to do to look like your part of this century. Blogging is where it's at (at least for now).

Friday, October 12, 2007

I Need To Get My Groove Back...

Nope, I'm not Stella, and I don't need that kind of a groove back. I'm just feeling uninspired lately. What an awful feeling. I keep logging into my blog everyday thinking, "Ok, today I WILL write something!" I sit her looking at the blank screen hoping some words will pop into my mind, but nothing happens. Tonight, when I logged on and thought the same thing, I just decided to start writing about how I'm feeling. I try to be clever and crafty, witty and informative, but you know what, tonight I just want to type and have nothing in particular to say.
Things are fine. Kids are good. Husband is great. OnTray is heading in a great direction with it's first retail order on the horizon (more about that next week...keep your fingers crossed), and I am just fine...uninspired, but fine. Maybe it's the change in the weather. Maybe it's the fact that all day long I am trying to inspire my children to behave, listen, be nice to one another, get along, do their homework, put their shoes where they belong, put the toilet seat lid down, chew with their mouths closed, stop yelling, go to bed...and stay in bed! Oh just listing these items is making me realize all the more how blah I sound. Oh well, tomorrow's another day. I need to go to bed. Three young boys need to be inspired again tomorrow. I guess my inspiration will just have to wait another day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Me on an Internet Radio Show?

Ok, so tomorrow morning (10:30 EST) I am going to be a guest on an Internet Radio Show. I'm so excited! The host, Kelly McCausey, is a hoot. She has a side kick, Tishia Lee, and the two of them make a perfect pair! Tomorrow is Work at Home Wednesday with Kelly & Tishia and other Mom's Radio Network Hosts and Callers. Call in with your work at home questions. Win a dozen free cookies from Bizzy Lizzy Bakery! Oh, and pray that I don't mess up too badly! Click on the link to be taken to the show and directions on how to listen. It should be fun!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sitting At Target....

I was at Target tonight (ok, I'm there like every night) sitting in the Food Court area with all three of my boys while they were enjoying their Icee's. Sitting in that part of the store, I had a perfect view of all of the customers coming into the store. There was this young couple with a baby, probably 3 months old, standing by all of the carts. The man was holding the baby while the mom was attempting to put the cart seat cover on the Target cart. It was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. She was struggling with this cover; at one point I thought she was just going to throw it on the ground. The man she was with, handed her the baby as if to say, "Give it to me...I'll put it on!". This went on for, no joke, 5 minutes. Finally the man handed the baby back to the women, and she figured it out! Ok, so I know there are people out there that use the cart covers. Probably some reading this post! I understand that carts are dirty and the whole reason behind this movement, but I just wanted to walk up to the couple and say, "Have you heard of OnTray? It EASILY fits onto the handle bar of shopping carts and your baby is safer from germs than with nothing there. The children stay busy and you get to shop!". I don't have the guts to approach people, maybe one day! Oh and by the way, you can use OnTray with the cart seat covers. A couple of friends I know use both. How about that, extra germ free!

Friday, September 21, 2007

I Wish I Had The Guts...

You may remember a while back I told you all about this great web-site, that is carrying OnTray. Heather (that's her in the picture), the owner of the site, has weekly giveaways and she puts the drawing of the winner on YouTube. She films herself doing some silly things while picking the name of the winner. She is a stitch! She even makes Chad laugh (for those of you who don't know Chad...God love him... he's a little hard to please in the humor department!). I wish I had the guts to video tape myself and splash it all over YouTube. Anyway, this week she is giving away an OnTray. Check out the link below to see her in action. Pretty funny!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Ok, so I'm not sure what my problem is. Lately, I just feel stuck. Do you ever feel like that? I mean, there is a ton going on in my life. The kids are keeping me busy. Jack's in school and playing soccer, Luke's in school and playing soccer and Ty...well Ty keeps me busy just by yelling at me all of the time. Chad and I are doing great; trying to get out as much as possible. OnTray is what's really getting me down I think. There are so many things happening with OnTray, that nothings happening. Does that make sense? I'm just waiting on so many areas to be complete with the production end of OnTray, that I can't really move forward with anything. People keep asking me, "Have you sold OnTray to the big retail stores yet?" or my favorite, "You know you really need to be in all of the grocery stores!" Uh yeah, I know that! What people don't understand is that I have to wait on the packaging design, then we need to have a die cut made to make the packaging, then we need to produce the packaging and have it shipped to a warehouse. Then, blah, blah, blah! Ok, so I'm done venting. I feel badly even being down about all of this. I believe in this product, and I believe in all of the people that are helping me bring this to "life", but come on already. I NEED TO BE IN THE GROCERY STORES!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ok, Are You Ready For This?

Bonjour! Why the french welcome? Are you ready for this? OnTray is going to be available for sale in FRANCE! Yes, I said FRANCE! Limoges, France to be exact. An owner of an adorable site, , contacted me about a month ago and asked if she could sell OnTray on her site. Well, I shipped her 24 OnTray's as an initial order and they have arrived in France! Beside the fact that I'm excited about the opportunity to sell my product overseas, I am a self proclaimed Francophile (France/Paris freak). I visited Paris once with my father when I was younger and then Chad and I went there in '99. I just love it there. It is my happy place. Half of my house has some sort of Parisian touch! Well, check out her site in a week or so. It's in complete french, but I just do my best to navigate. If something looks interesting I use a translation site. Au revoir!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Luke's Off to School Too!

Today was Luke's first official day of pre-school. What a big boy! He walked right in, gave his teachers big hugs, found his bin to put his bag in and found a ton of Dinosaurs to play with. "I think they're real Dinosaurs Mom! This place is great!", he said to me. Again, no separation anxiety for my middle child...just mom!

Friday, September 07, 2007

OnTray and Baby Shower Favors

I put together some baby shower favors for a friend of mine who was obviously throwing a shower. I wasn't sure how I was going to do it, so I asked my friend Jennifer who used to do favors as a business for some ideas(she might do it still I'm not sure, the girl wears like 100 hats). She gave me some great thoughts and off to JoAnn's I went. I came home with some clear plastic bags, almond candies in different colors and tulle to wrap them in. I thought I'd take some pictures, because if I say so myself, these make excellent shower favors!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

First, 1st Grade Experience!

Seriously, how cute are these kids? I know they're mine, but seriously, cute, huh? Jack started the 1st grade last Tuesday. I cried like a baby for three days leading up to school. The funny thing was, I didn't cry when he went to pre-school or when he went to Kindergarten last year. Nope, I guess it was all bottled up for this year. Chad said it best. He told me he thought maybe I felt like I was "splitting up my team". Yes...that's it....oh yeah and it's MY BABY GOING OFF TO SCHOOL ALL DAY! Really, though, I think I came to the realization that someone else would be helping him throughout the day. He didn't need my like he has for the past 6 1/2 years of his life. Nope, I had done my job. I guess that should be pretty rewarding, huh? I have done my job; not like I don't have the rest of my life to be his mom. I must have done a good enough job so far that he felt confident enough to hop on that school bus he had never ridden before, go to a classroom full of people he hardly knew and make new friends, eat in a cafeteria which was completely new to him and try food orther than PB&J's and be gone from his home and family all day when he is a self described home-body. Well it's a good thing he's so well adjusted because I'm the one at home crying like a baby!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Funny Cancer Cards

Ok, so who really wants to have to buy cards for women going through treatment for Breast Cancer? It's not your typical, "Hey, I need to go buy so and so a card for her cancer treatment", but reality is, you probably will have too, and you probably should. I met a woman who went through breast cancer treatment last year, and through it all, she came up with an excellent idea. Funny cancer cards. Yep, you heard (read) me correctly. Funny, humorous, uplifting cards for women going through surgery or treatment for breast cancer. Don't just take my word for it, check them out for yourself. Funny stuff, for a not so funny-horrible cancer.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pokemon Is My Son's Obsession!

About 6 or 7 months ago, one of Jack's friends turned him onto Pokemon cards. Chad and I thought it was sort of cute. "Jack is learning to read", we thought. "Jack is learning to count", we said. Then we starting saying things like, "Jack won't stop talking about Pokemon". Or, "Jack is borderline OCD with this Pokemon card stuff". Well, we have spent way more money than I every would care to add up. I thought it was just a phase but it is lasting longer than the Power Ranger one. I thought that phase was going to push me over the edge! I got an e-mail today with a link attached, that anyone who feels my pain must check out. It made me laugh so hard my children thought I was crying. Click on the link below to see an actual Ebay item that sold. Absolutely hilarious!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh Did I Need This!

Ok, so I meet another mom inventor, Shelia, through She created a product called the Handy Burpee. It is a burp cloth that you slip your hand into, and then there is a generous amount of material that you drape in front of the baby. All three of my guys spit up like crazy. I would put them on my lap, sitting up, wad the burp cloth up in my hand and cup their chins. I didn't want anything to get on my hands, me or my furniture, so I figured if it went in front of them (on the tile floor) it would be easy clean up. Moms know my dilemma and Shelia is solving our issue. Check out to learn more.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

This One Caught Me By Surprise....

My brother-in-law was married to a girl named Hilary. At first I wasn't sure if I liked her. I was pretty protective of him. She grew on me though. We ended up becoming great friends. They married and I was a big part of their wedding. She and he were big parts of our lives. When I had Luke, Hilary and Gregg came to the hospital and stayed longer than anyone. We had a little party. We laughed and drank ( I wasn't breast feeding). I think they were actually asked to leave by a nurse. Anyway, we were together a lot over the year they were married (they were together a few years before becoming married). They divorced in February of this year. That had to have been one of the hardest things I've ever been through. She made a mistake, a big one and I think they tried to work it out. The didn't. They couldn't. I'm not sure I blame him, but I'm not sure I blame her either. What happened was between them. I'm just sorry I couldn't fix things for them.

When she told me they were divorcing, it seriously took the wind out of me. I instantly asked her what I could do. How could I fix things? I needed her to be in my life; in my children's lives. She was my sister. I know that sounds corny, but wow was it true. I cried the whole way home from that dinner. I came home and took down all of her pictures. "Hoe could I have pictures of her in my house?", I thought. "What if Gregg sees these?", I said to Chad. It was as if she died. The pictures, and the memories just gone. I swore I would stay friends with her. That didn't need to change, right? Wrong. My in-laws weren't to keen on me talking with her. They didn't say I couldn't, but I knew I'd let them down if I did (as if I don't let them down enough). We haven't talked in about a year.

I saw Hilary last night at a wedding. She didn't expect to see me. I certainly didn't expect to see her. We looked at each other in absolute shock. We hugged each other and cried. Really cried. I'm sure everyone in the room was like, "Wow! Have they had too much to drink already?". I was just telling my friend how much I missed Hilary about a week ago. Seeing her last night, at a wedding about two hours away from where we both live, I realized something. Love, friendship and sisterhood are three things we are lucky enough to ever have in our lifetime. I had all three with one person. I miss my sister.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kathy Rocks!

Back in November when I was looking for someone to help me with all of my design work, I asked my father-in-law if he knew of anyone (he's a designer by trade). He put me in touch with someone he used to work with named Kathy Thomas. We met and instantly hit it off. She has been the one who has brought the brand 42 kids, OnTray and my web site to life. She truly is one of the most creative people I've ever met. It's amazing that I can say, "Hey Kathy, I'd like to have a page where all of the sites that have reviewed OnTray are featured...can you put something together?". An hour later, voila! I have a page on my site that lists the sites that have reviewed OnTray, written about OnTray or carry OnTray. She is just awesome! She has done so much for me over the 10 months we've been working together and she continues to amaze me.
I've said this before, I truly feel that all the right people are in my life to help me along this journey. Kathy is someone I thank my lucky stars for. She has helped my dream come true! If you want to see her other work, visit today!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

OnTray available on the web!

A while back I discovered this site, I had e-mailed the owner, Heather, and she was kind enough to e-mail me right back. She answered all of my questions about how to deal with online companies who might like to carry my product, wholesale pricing and quantities to offer. She was just fabulous. Well, she now is carrying OnTray! I'm so excited. Of course I felt very official with my own web site, but with someone like Heather and, I just feel even more validated! Check them out today!

Friday, August 17, 2007

I was interviewed last month by a freelance writer for Business First (a local newspaper). It didn't work out for that publication, but the writer said she was working on another piece for a Web site called It is such a need site. Full of articles, advice and inspiration for women trying to do it all. My article published yesterday. Here's a link if you would like to read it!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

OnTray is Available in a Store!

How exciting! There is a local children's clothing and gift store here in Westerville called Hey Diddle Diddle. I used to frequent it quite often when the boys were smaller and it was cool for them to wear adorable outfits. Now, not so much. I do always go there for the most adorable gifts and outfits for friends and family. Anyway, I went to visit Stacy, the owner, a couple of weeks ago and show her OnTray. She said she thought the space in her store was an issue, and she wasn't sure how she'd display them. Well, I was a little disappointed to say the least. I brainstormed and came up with a clever way for her to display the products. I took her a miniature shopping cart and placed four OnTray's (one of every color) in it. She placed it on the counter and I told her if she sells them great, pay me then. No risk to her. That was Monday at 4:30. She called me this morning to tell me she had sold all four of the OnTray's and needed more! I can't believe it. OnTray is available in a store! Yippie! Can you tell I'm excited? If you're in Westerville and in need of an OnTray, head to Hey Diddle Diddle (or visit my web-site, :) )

Monday, August 06, 2007

Summer Guide 2007

I found this great site that has a wonderful list of fabulous products and coupon codes (if you know me you know I love coupons). Anyway, I thought I would share the information with you. Visit and check out all the great stuff!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

If You're Pregnant....

I saw this T-shirt on a web-site that is going to be carrying OnTray. I had to post a message about it, because I think it's hilarious. I'm actually disappointed I'm not pregnant, because I would love to have this T-shirt. What a fun way to "talk" about pregnancy!

Time Management

Ok, so I need to do a better job at managing my time. Starting and running a business from home is consuming me! I am constantly thinking about how I'm going to drum up more business, get more press, reach more people, blah, blah, blah! I think Chad is getting tired of me talking about this. He's grocery shopping right now. Does that tell you something? I need to get back to my old life a little bit more. The laundry is piling up, the closets are a MESS, my children are bored and I am just irritable. Does anyone have some free advice on HOW TO DO IT ALL???

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer Is Flying By!

We received, in the mail yesterday, Luke's pre-school registration packet. It had his orientation day information and even a calendar for the year. Summer is just flying by! I started thinking about how weird it'll be to have Jack in the 1st grade, and Luke in pre-school. I know it's just two mornings a week for Luke, but he's getting so big! Ty won't know what to do without all of the chaos that is around when his brothers are home. He'll be bored with me. With Ty being just a year behind Luke, he'll be in school next year. It's a weird feeling. I love my boys, but I'm so happy for them to be able to start spreading their wings. I love to see them interacting with friends and learning how to work things out on their own. Soon I'll just be their chauffeur and they won't need me like they do today. Bittersweet, isn't it?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Reviews Are Great!

I found this great web-site,, and submitted a sample OnTray to them. I just received the review and wanted to share it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

OnTray in The Columbus Dispatch

This was in The Columbus Dispatch today. I have received many phone calls and e-mails from people saying they saw it. Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Anthing Such As Chance Meetings?

Do you believe in chance meetings? How about coincidences? I used to, but now I'm not sure I do. I have really been in awe at how, when and why we meet the people in our life. I meet my husband in High School. He dated a lot of my friends(well maybe not A LOT, but you get the picture), but I never thought anything of him. I mean he was cute, but that was about it. We didn't start dating until we were Juniors and Sophomores in College. We met and instantly we were inseparable. I'll tell you what, if I would have known I was going to end up with such a gem of a guy, it would've saved me a lot of heartache in High School. Oh well, such is life.

I have meet some wonderful people throughout the whole "invention process". It's funny, my Accountant put me in touch with my Patent Attorney. My Attorney put me in touch with my Designer, and my Designer put me in touch with my manufacturer. It all has just flowed nicely together. That's when you know it's meant to be. When things seem to be meant to be; serendipitous. Maybe I do believe, huh?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Living in Westerville

I live in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio named Westerville. I've lived here all of my life. Well, for the most part. I spent a short time of my life in Foster City, CA and one year in Huntington, WV while attending Marshall University (if I had attended it a little more, I would have graduated from there). Anyway, Chad sent me this link today. Westerville, Ohio is listed as #46 out of 100 great places to live. Who knew? I guess I could claim I did.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Monthly (sort of) Newsletter

Well, like every other Web site I visit nowadays, I am taking the plunge. I've decided to write a Monthly (or whenever I get around to it) Newsletter. I'm excited at the opportunity to give my readers (I do have a few already:) updates on OnTray, me and maybe just a few tidbits I think might be of interest to them. I think it'll be fun. It's not going to be one of those e-zines that comes to your in-box every week like some. How in the world do these people have enough to talk about anyway?
If you would like to sign up and receive my "whenever" newsletter, click on this link .

Friday, July 13, 2007


I never stuck with Weight Watchers very long because once I hit a plateau, I became easily frustrated and quit. I'm sure it's my personality. I usually quit if something is too hard. Isn't that awful? If I feel that a relationship is more work that it should be, I retreat and pull away from that person. I'm finding that starting a business is turning out to be that way too. I had a great first couple of weeks and now it has just hit a plateau. I get a few orders trickling in here and there, but nothing like the beginning. Ok, the voice inside my head is saying, "Are you kidding me? You launched your site June 1st. Did you think this would be an over night success?" Uh, yeah I did! What's wrong with me? A friend said to me the other day that starting a business is a marathon not a sprint. I'm not a runner I told her.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

OnTray's First News Story!

I decided to check the Web site for my local Suburban News Paper to see if Me, OnTray and Ty made the paper this week. Well....WE DID! I think the article turned out well. Click on the link to see the story. If you want, e-mail me and tell me what you think!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Going Green

When I logged on to the web today, I saw an ad at the top of the MSNBC Homepage, and I decided to check it out. It was from Philips. It said something like, "How many are you willing to change?" and it had their new energy efficient light bulbs as the icons you click. Anyway, I clicked four light bulbs and it took me to a site, You know with all of this talk about going green, it has me thinking. We all really take this planet for granted. Well, I should say we have a tendency too. Myself included. Something as simple as changing a light bulb can help make our air cleaner by not emitting so much fossil fuel. Shoot, if everyone did that can you imagine how much cleaner the air would be? Maybe my children's children won't have to take Singulair daily :)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Tomorrow morning, a reporter with The Dispatch is coming to interview me. I am so nervous. Chad asked me why I was nervous. Really? I have to sound like I'm interesting for one thing. I also have to sound like I know what I'm doing. Basically, I have to act. No, not really, but I have to be on my best behavior. I need to speak clearly and slowly (which for those of you who know me, being a slow talker is not how you'd describe me, huh?). My story also has to make people want to read about me. Throughout this process I've realized that you can have a great product, but people want to see who's behind the product too. I want to impress people. I want them to say, "Hey, I could see myself in her". Great, it's High School all over again. What have I gotten myself into?

Friday, July 06, 2007 Review!

Wow, wow, wow! This review gave me goose bumps. I'm just thrilled at what had to say.

Peaceful Grocery Shopping a la OnTray

Thank you On Tray, thank you! Isn’t a picture worth 1000 words? We sure think so and this little gadget from On Tray is just what you need for all those trips to the grocery store, Target and Costco. We all know that our little guys inevitably want a new snack when we start shopping and getting one out for them at these places can be a real quite cumbersome at times. Let’s face it, we are there to shop, and shop fast, so we don’t have time to keep handing over the cheerios one at a time every aisle we turn down. We think this product is amazing and know you will to! Order one, make that two today >>

Thursday, July 05, 2007

One Under My Belt

Thank goodness that's over! I had my first interview with the local paper today and man oh man was I nervous. I'm certain the reporter could feel that I was a bundle of nerves. I tried hard to remember what I had learned in my speech class years ago. Every time I wanted to say um, which was a bunch, I just paused and gathered my thoughts. He probably thought he lost me a couple of times. "So Laura, could you talk more about what motivated you to keep going with this process?" My response, long pause...."Sure", long pause.... I'm not even sure what I said. I can't wait to see the article. I'm curious to know if I even made sense!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Another Review!

I received an e-mail this morning telling me to check out a blog that someone had talked about OnTray on. Our Uncle sent it to me this morning and I just wanted to share it. I'm thrilled! Their baby must be something special. Check out,

OnTray - Why Didn't I Think of That?
A friend of mine at work was telling me about how a relative of his came up with a nifty new device that she's taken to the Internet with. Named the OnTray, it's a plastic tray (with cover!) that can easily attach to the handle of your common, everyday, shopping cart. Filing the conversation away as, "I hope she does well!", I went on with my week thinking nothing more of it. But wait - there's more!
A few days later, the Postman left a package by our door, addressed to the most adorable baby girl in the world - Madeline Beck. Who would send a parcel to a newborn? Lisa and I quickly cut open the packing tape to reveal two brand spanking new OnTrays! Maddie is now the proud owner of a yellow and a pink one! Seems my good friend, Bill, thought it would be the perfect gift for our Maddie! Thanks Bill!!!
Since Maddie isn't quite ready to sit upright in a shopping cart, we have yet to try them out. But from what I can tell, these things are pretty sturdy! They're made out of a high grade plastic (think Tupperware, not Gladware), and come in four baby-friendly colors. They have a cover that you slide on and off, and it stores easy. I'd give it 4 outta 5 Maddie smiles (you have to walk on water to get 5 out of 5 - that's just the way it is!).
So, if you want to find out more about the OnTray, click on over to
their official site here, and tell them Maddie sent ya!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Grocery Store Interest

I am thrilled, flattered, nervous, anxious, but mostly excited, about the interest a grocery chain has shown in my product. The VP had received a forward of my Family and Friends letter, read it and contacted me. He then had me speak with his buyer. I think it is a little ways away from being completed, but it has given me confidence. I underestimated that this product really would sell well and be a valuable product on stores shelves. I think this is the one thing I have struggled with all along. I thought OnTray was a good idea, but would everyone else? It's sort of like how you think your children are the most gorgeous children ever born, but does everyone else? To see my product on the shelves of a grocery store would be a defining moment in this venture. I have imagined it. I can't believe this is happening to me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

OnTray Gets a Review!

I've been sending out samples to Websites all over the country. I received the first review from a Website based out of LA. says this about my product:

Mom Invented, LAPregnancy Approved - OnTray2Go
Mom invented, LAPregnancy approved! That's right, every parent needs one of these!
Take this ingenious device on the go with you to the market. No more buying everything in site for your kiddies to keep them entertained... Ontray2go is THE Answer! Snap it onto your shopping cart and keep your children entertained with their own munchies, toys, etc. Whatever works while you scoot down the aisles of your favorite grocery store!
We just love this idea invented by a mother for mothers!

I am so excited and appreciative to LAPregnancy for their kind words of support!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hilton Head

We're here at the beach. Hilton Head Island to be exact. We have been coming here every year since I can remember. We took last year off because Ty was just over a year old and we weren't sure how he would do. Boy do I love that child, but man oh man did I think he was just going to push me over the edge. Chad and I were talking about how when we would take the kids out to dinner when Ty was younger, he would just scream his head off. Jack and Luke were so easy to take places. Then came Ty. Wow! Just thinking about those days gives me a little headache. Hard to believe a little person can change so much over the course of a year. You should see them all here at the beach. They're enjoying each others company, sleeping together and eating together. Just like brothers should be. Constant company for each other. I hope they'll remember these days. It's all about memories.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My First Interview!

Well, my first interview is scheduled for July 5th. I could not be more excited about it. It's with the Westerville News and Public Opinion. Ok, so it's not with Newsweek or anything like that, but it's a start. My PR rep (the hubby, Chad) contacted some of the local media and the SNP was the first to "bite". The reporter is coming to my house and we are going to do the interview here. Then we are going to go shopping together. He wants to see OnTray in action. I'm so anxious to see what sort of response this brings. I read that local paper like it's my job. I love the articles and all of the ads. Hopefully I'm not the only one!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Moms helping Moms

Yesterday, I took a chance and sent an e-mail to another mom who runs a web-site where she sells adorable T-shirts she designs. I just told her a little about my story and asked if she'd look at my site and tell me what she thought. Wendy Irvine with , sent an e-mail back to me with some very encouraging and complimentary words. I was so grateful to her, and in fact she also gave me a contact person in Sacramento who is the editor of a kids magazine out there. I sent her an e-mail as well. I hope that works out. I would love to reach people out in that area. Well, at this point I'd love to reach people from anywhere!

Check out Wendy's site. She offers T-shirts with adorable sayings like, "Why can't I have a Time Out?" and "Raising twins is an extreme sport". Too cute. Thanks Wendy!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Monthly Newsletter

Well, I'm going to give it a shot. I have now incorporated a place on my home page where people can sign up for a monthly newsletter from yours truly. I'm actually really excited about it. I'm going to be able to keep people up to date on new products (which I hope to have soon), specials and also have stories that I think will be of interest to everyone. I have always enjoyed writing and putting in my two cents worth. Now, people can actually ask to read what I think. No, it won't necessarily be me voicing my opinion on the election in 2008 or anything like that. Very PC on my end. I think it'll be a fun ride!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Salesman/Woman of the Month

My mom and her friend Anne are on a mission to sell has many OnTray's as possible. Anne had me over the other afternoon to "brainstorm" some marketing ideas. My mom takes OnTray's in her car everyday. She goes to Book Club and sells five, she goes to New Neighbors Club and sells five. This morning she came by before she left for bridge because she needed to replenish her stock. It is just amazing to have people surrounding you that want to see you succeed. This has really shown me how kind, warm hearted, loving and excepting people can be. I feel blessed.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Over 1000 Hits!

Thank you everyone! I have had over 1000 hits to my web-site (1059 hits to be exact). The word is spreading and I have shipped to SC, FL, PA, NY, IN, WV and all over Ohio. The friends and family letter really worked. Thank you to everyone who has supported me since I launched the site last week, and forwarding on the letter. I can't express in words what it has meant to me and Chad. Just know we are grateful!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Luke, Oh Luke!

Chad just reminded me that Luke has been left out in this whole process. Ty is my model on the web-site and on all of the print materials, and I've talked about Jack on my blog. Well, being the middle child in a classic way, of course I left him out! It wasn't intentional, but it happens. Why is that? The poor middle child syndrome.
Luke is just about as sweet as they come. He is so loving, accepting and reserved. He says that he is shy. I think he's heard me describe him as that to others. His older brother does all of the talking for him (and his mom too I'm afraid), so why does he need to be so outgoing? He starts preschool next year, and I am just thrilled for him. He will make his own friends and come into his own personality. It will be so neat to watch. It's hard to imagine him any better than he is, but I think it's just the beginning. I'm ready for the ride!

Friday, June 08, 2007


Today was my oldest son, Jack's, last day of Kindergarten. His teacher organized a Last Day Luau. It was so much fun. Both the am and pm classes had the party together. They were all divided into separate groups with combos of kids from the am and pm classes. Jack was in an all boy group (hello energy) and knew only one other kid. I sneaked out of the station I was working to peek at him, and he was high-fiving these boys while they were playing "coconut bowling". I just sat and watched in amazement at how willing little people are to forge friendships with people they've never meet before. At the end of the party Jack said goodbye to his teachers and his friends. When we got in the car he said, "Now I have so many more friends. I can't wait until the first grade". That makes two of us!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Friend Anne

My friend, Anne, decorated her OnTray with Stick-Ons from JoAnn Fabrics. Is she clever or what? This clear one was a sample I received. Maybe I should order some clear ones. People could put all sorts of stickers on them. Clever!




You know what amazes me? There are a lot of kind people out there that want to help. In the past few days, I received e-mails from women I don't even know. They've received my letter from someone forwarding it on. They feel strongly about something, and they want to share it with me. One ordered my product then got in touch with me to see "how I did it" and wanted to ask some questions and share some ideas. Another lady just wanted to pass along some information about how to contact a children's catalog. A friend of a friend sent me information about a grocery store in NY that would love my product. I am just blown away by the support of people I don't even know. This is how it should be. We should all want to help people "make it". I would do the same thing, and I appreciate the support from those I know, and those I don't!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Press Release

The Container 2 Go!

42 Kids LLC
PO Box 1773
Westerville, Ohio 43082
Phone (614) 313-0530

Press Release
Contact: Laura Hamrick
Phone: (614)313-0530
9 A.M. EDT, June 4, 2007

Westerville,OH (June 2007) - 42 Kids, a Westerville, Ohio based company owned by
Laura Hamrick, announced today that it is ready to launch its first product. OnTray™ is a mom invented product that has been in production for almost two years. “I am so excited to finally share with other parents this product I’ve created. OnTray™ has really made shopping much more enjoyable for my three children and me”, said Laura Hamrick, CEO and Founder of 42 Kids. OnTray™ is a uniquely designed container that when attached to a shopping cart handle bar, faces the child in the shopping cart seat and allows them to feed themselves. “It frees the parent or guardian’s hands for shopping while at the same time promoting the child’s independence,” said Laura.

OnTray™ is compact enough that it easily fits in a purse or diaper bag and is useful in many applications. When you need a quick snack or distraction for your child, OnTray™ fills the need. It also allows you to monitor what your child snacks on. “Rather than the free cookie at the grocery store I can take along a healthier alternative.” says, Laura.

Starting June 1, 2007, OnTray™ will be available for direct-to-consumer purchase through the company’s web-site. Please visit for pricing, photos and more information.


If you’d like more information about OnTray™, or to schedule an interview with Laura Hamrick, please call her at 614/313-0530 or e-mail her at

Monday, June 04, 2007


Thank you, thank you, thank you! The web-site has been viewed over 400 times and orders are coming in! Ok, so they're not flying in, but no one said this was going to be an overnight success story(that would have been something though:). I have had orders go to SC, PA and different parts of Ohio. Thank you to everyone who has purchased an OnTray, and thank you to all who helped me out by forwarding my friends and family letter. Your support means the world to me. This has been a very exciting first couple of days in cyberspace!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Running a Business From Home

I am slowly discovering that running your own business from home is hard work! I never stop. Everyone is napping in my house right now, but I am on the web blogging. Trying to promote my web-site. I just sent out a Press Release about 30 minutes ago (the first one EVER for me), how scary was that. I have been doing research on how to "grab the presses attention", or "write the best press release ever". It's all a little overwhelming for a stay at home mom with no formal training on writing, contacting or talking to the press. I'm nervous that someone may actually call me. Back to running a business from home, unlike having an office, I don't have regular wok hours. My work hours are when my kids are eating, napping, at a friends house playing or when my parents or our babysitter can come over. I just hope this will all be worth it in the long run.

Running a Business From Home

Friday, June 01, 2007

Friends and Family

Dear Friends and Family,

Over the past two years, I have been working on a product that I invented. I am so excited and finally ready to share it with you.

A couple of years ago I was at the grocery store with all three boys. Jack and Luke were “driving” the shopping cart that looks like a truck. Ty, not even a year, was up front in the child seat part of the cart. I was handing him one Cheerio™ at a time from a container that I carried with me everywhere I went. I was trying to shop, contain my “little truck drivers”, browse through my coupons, keep Ty happy and get all of the items on my list. Needless to say, I came home with a bunch of junk that Luke and Jack threw in the cart and was completely frazzled. I swore never to go shopping with the kids again! That day, while the children were napping, I did some searching on the web and found there wasn’t a product available that would free up adult hands to shop and keep little hands busy. OnTray™ was born. It was born out of necessity.

OnTray™ is a container that attaches to the handle bar of a shopping cart. It faces the child in the shopping cart seat and encourages children to feed themselves. This product allows the parent, grandparent or caregiver to have their hands free to shop! It makes shopping with children more enjoyable and stores easily in a diaper bag or purse. My mother uses it for her coupons and grocery list. She no longer has to dig through her purse to find the right coupon or her list. Everything fits nicely into OnTray™. The other day, we took the kids for a walk and discovered that OnTray™ also fits onto our jogging stroller/bike attachment. The kids were so excited to have their snacks right in front of them. When we are out to dinner we set it on the table and have snacks ready for the kids while we wait on our food. With OnTray™ being so multifunctional, it has really replaced our many Tupperware™ containers.

Please visit my web-site at and check out the product, my story and some pictures of OnTray™ being used. It would also mean a great deal to me if you could pass this e-mail along to your friends and family. As with many new products, word of mouth is critical. I welcome your feedback on the site or if you want, just send an e-mail to say hello. If you should use the product, I would love to add your pictures and comments to the site.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. This has definitely been a wonderful learning experience for me, and I am passionate about sharing this with all of you.



Sunday, May 27, 2007

Raising Boys

Man oh man, raising boys is hard work. Their energy alone is enough to make me go crazy sometimes. I have three boys. Jack is 6, Luke is 3 and Ty is 2. They are constant balls of energy. Their love for their friends, their family, their toys (especially the coveted Pokemon cards) just amazes me. Sometimes I wish I could get excited about something as little as going out for pizza; Or running through the Slip-N-Slide. I remember those days when I got so excited about the littelest things. When you get older, things just aren't as exciting as they were when were little. When it's particularly crazy here, I try to picture the house 20 years from now. The windows will be free of hand prints, and it'll be really quiet here. I'll miss the noise and energy some day.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Shopping Cart Cover

I read an article not to long ago about shopping cart handle bars having more germs than public restrooms. Yuck! At the end of the story the reporter said your only option to keep germs away from your children riding with you, was to spend about $40.00 on a cover that fits inside the baby seat portion of the cart. Guess what? It's not the only option! I created a product that fits on the handle bar of most shopping carts. You can put your child's snacks in the container so they can feed themselves. Your hands are free to shop, while your child is content feeding themselves. Just think, you don't need to keep touching the handle bar then trying to hand out a snack one at a time to your child. Less germs? I think so!

Monday, May 07, 2007


In about 3 weeks, May 30th to be exact, will be a viable web-site. I'm going to have inventory to sell and I'll be anxiously awaiting my first customer. I am so nervous. I have been working on finding ways to promote my web-site with little to no money. Mainly, I'm trying to get to the media. It is hard to figure out how to penetrate that market in the most efficient way. I want them to read my press release, not throw it into the trashcan. We'll see. Hopefully I'll get so much press, I won't know what to do with myself :) .

Monday, April 30, 2007

Not a finalist

Well, at 3:00 on Friday I received an e-mail from QVC that I did not advance to the final round of their contest with Oprah. I was so incredibly sad. My weekend was not a whole lot of fun. Then I picked myself up and thought about all the people that I know that are "success stories". Did their success happen overnight? Did they win a contest and that's what put them on the map? I don't think so. Why should it be so easy for me? It's back to the drawing board. I'm moving forward. I really have no choice but to keep on keeping on. QVC and Oprah aren't the end all be all. I have bigger places to go. Just watch! (Although it would have been cool to be on Oprah, huh)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Waiting to Hear From QVC

So I sent QVC an e-mail today. Just a random e-mail to the Product Search Department. I told them that I was at the Oprah/QVC event on March 23rd, and that I really I needed to know if they had at least contacted the 10 finalists. I got an e-mail back that notification would be sent out on or after April 27th. This is killing me. I truly feel like I am going to make it to the next round. It's weird; I have dreams; I envision meeting Oprah. I see signs all around me. Is that weird? I'm just looking forward to Friday. Advancing to the next round or not, I need to move forward!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

OnTray colors

The other day I toured Olan Plastics where OnTray will be manufactured. I picked up some samples of the colors I liked. I'm going to offer OnTray is four different colors. Blue, pink, green, and yellow translucent. They're fun, young, and just what I had in mind. I am so excited to get my first order in.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Olan Plastics

Today I'm scheduled to go visit the factory where Ontray will be manufactured. They, Olan and Laser reproductions, thought it would be good for me to take a tour, and see how a product is made. Too bad I won't actually be able to see my tool. It's on a boat on it's way here from China! It won't be to Columbus until 4/23. Oh well, at least I'll get to see the place, and get to see some color swatches. I'm thinking about making OnTray come in four different colors. Blue, pink, red, and green.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pushing through pain

Yesterday I read an article in Business First here in Columbus ( The article was titled "Entrepreneurs who push through pain find their rewards at finish line". I swear it was written for me(well and I guess every other Entrepreneur here in Columbus :) ) . The other day I wrote about wanting to give up on this project of mine. I'm tired and feel beat up emotionally and financially. Then things come into my life that make me want to keep going. Keep pushing. Steve Anderson, who wrote the article, says, "My experience has been the effort you put in is far less than what you get out. And here's the secret:The greatest rewards lie just beyond where most people quit trying". Isn't that something? For now, that's enough to keep me pushing through this pain.

Friday, April 13, 2007

42 Kids

The name of my company is 42 Kids. People started commenting on the fact that I always referred to my brood as, "Me and my 42 Kids". When it came time to come up with a name for my company, 42 Kids was the only one I felt was just right. I registered the domain name, and that will be linked to OnTray's web-site. For down the road when I come up with other ideas:)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Trying to stay positive

It might be the weather or, it might be the fact that all of my children are sick. Whatever it is, I am in a funk! I feel like this little side project of mine, OnTray, is taking FOREVER to get off and running. I feel like the bills keep coming in for this project, and I'm paying them, but I'm not making any money! This is a scary process, this whole entrepreneur thing. These days make it tough for me to want to keep going. I almost feel like I'm so far in to the project that I have no choice but to keep going on. May 30, 2007 is my launch date for That feel like a lifetime away.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Making connections

Recently, I attended the Baby Bonanza here in Columbus. I mainly wanted to see how other vendors set up their booths at trade shows. I learned a lot. I also made a great contact in the woman entrepreneur world. Her web-site is She has beautiful baby products like bibs, blankets, and burp clothes. Just really sweet things. I'm a sucker for anything chenille! Anyway, I'm realizing that making connections can help you tremendously in a new venture. She is willing to help me with marketing. With her having already launched a successful business, I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Making My Blog Work Better

Well, I've spent most of my free time today trying to figure out more about Blogging. I still don't feel like I really know what I'm doing. I set up profiles with companies that hopefully will drive more traffic to my blog, which in turn will help drive traffic to my web-site when it goes live. That address again is



Technorati Profile

Saturday, April 07, 2007

May 30, 2007

Well, May 30, 2007 is the big day! That's the day we are taking live! I am so excited, nervous, happy, scared, relieved, oh the list goes on and on. I just hope this works. I need to take the next 45 days and really think about how I'm going to promote my product. My budget has been primarily spent on getting this idea off the ground. I don't have much money left for traditional advertising. I'm sure I'll come up with something.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Getting close to going live!

Well, it's almost here. I am just about ready to go live with my web-site. I am so excited for this to happen!

I keep imagining someone at the store, frustrated like I was many months ago. Then they go home and Google, "shopping cart container", or "container that attaches to a shopping cart" (that's what I Googled!), and they'll actually find something that can help them. Something they can buy! Oh my gosh, how awesome. I am so excited. This is going to sound silly, but I am actually going to help people. What a great feeling.


Thursday, March 15, 2007


Well, I picked up some samples of OnTray yesterday. They look great; Just perfect. It was so sweet, when I got home yesterday with the samples, my 6 year old son asked me if he could have one. I gave him one and he said, "Thanks mom for my OnTray. I love it. It holds my Pokemon cards. I love it!". I almost cried. He is so proud of me. It blows me away that a little boy can have so much compassion. Well, if this OnTray thing doesn't work out, at least Jack has a great case for his Pokemon cards. A very expensive case:) !


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Trying to get the word out there!

Well, it's crunch time. I have plans to got Chicago March 22-24th. I entered Oprah and QVC's "Next Big Idea" contest. I'm going to one of three trade shows and presenting OnTray to a rep from QVC. I am so incredibly nervous. I have just a little over 2 weeks to get a presentation together, have pictures taken of the product, and pull my act together. Can I do it? I really think I can. I'm so excited to get the word out there about my product. OnTray has the potential to help many peoples lives a little better. I believe that! Isn't it silly, really. How does a container make someones life better? If I had that when my children were a little younger maybe I would've been a little more patient at the store with them. Maybe they would have enjoyed there time at the store with me. Maybe things just would have been a little calmer Maybe...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wow! I watched Oprah today (it was taped from last week), and there was a panel discussing The Secret. I found it to be just amazing. I have struggled with this decision to take the product I've created, financially strap me and my family and make it a reality. I go up and down with this decision. The thing I struggle with the most is, am I worthy of this invention being a success story? I mean, why me? Out of all of the people in the world who could have come up with this idea, why was it me? What is the purpose? I have always been an analyzer. I analyze things to death. My husband thinks it's just because I'm a good person that good things can happen to me. Really?

The panel that was discussing The Secret had some great points. They feel we attract things, events, people, situations, relationships, just about everything in to our lives. I truly feel that way. I hope to attract customers to my product because I want to make a difference in their lives. I know it's just a silly container, but it's something that helps them with their daily lives as a parent of small children. Oh yeah, and I'd like to make some money in the process. :)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Ontray is getting closer to making an apperance!

Ontray is getting closer to being completed, and becoming available for purchase. I guess I didn't really describe what it is that I invented in my previos blogs (still very new at this whole blog thing). It's a container with a lid that attach's to the handle bar part of the grocery cart. It extends out to face the child in the child/baby seat. The child/baby can then self feed from the tray! The adult with the child have their hands free to carry their grocery list, coupons, coffee, whatever they need to help their trip to the store a far more enjoyable experience. At least for me, it's a little more enjoyable. Actually, I never fully enjoy going to the grocery store. Anyway, I'll keep you posted on when it'll be available.