Friday, July 06, 2007 Review!

Wow, wow, wow! This review gave me goose bumps. I'm just thrilled at what had to say.

Peaceful Grocery Shopping a la OnTray

Thank you On Tray, thank you! Isn’t a picture worth 1000 words? We sure think so and this little gadget from On Tray is just what you need for all those trips to the grocery store, Target and Costco. We all know that our little guys inevitably want a new snack when we start shopping and getting one out for them at these places can be a real quite cumbersome at times. Let’s face it, we are there to shop, and shop fast, so we don’t have time to keep handing over the cheerios one at a time every aisle we turn down. We think this product is amazing and know you will to! Order one, make that two today >>

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