Friday, July 13, 2007


I never stuck with Weight Watchers very long because once I hit a plateau, I became easily frustrated and quit. I'm sure it's my personality. I usually quit if something is too hard. Isn't that awful? If I feel that a relationship is more work that it should be, I retreat and pull away from that person. I'm finding that starting a business is turning out to be that way too. I had a great first couple of weeks and now it has just hit a plateau. I get a few orders trickling in here and there, but nothing like the beginning. Ok, the voice inside my head is saying, "Are you kidding me? You launched your site June 1st. Did you think this would be an over night success?" Uh, yeah I did! What's wrong with me? A friend said to me the other day that starting a business is a marathon not a sprint. I'm not a runner I told her.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone wants to use the "easy button". The fact is you like challenges, you just don't know it. Read your own blog if you need proof. During this entire process there were numerous obstacles that caused you to question if it was worth it. You found ways around them and your dogged determination to succeed continued to help you refine your abilities. You can’t reach a plateau with out first making a significant climb. It is nature’s resting place. After you take a breath, your creative juices will raise again, this time to an even higher level.

-Watching in wonderment