Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hilton Head

We're here at the beach. Hilton Head Island to be exact. We have been coming here every year since I can remember. We took last year off because Ty was just over a year old and we weren't sure how he would do. Boy do I love that child, but man oh man did I think he was just going to push me over the edge. Chad and I were talking about how when we would take the kids out to dinner when Ty was younger, he would just scream his head off. Jack and Luke were so easy to take places. Then came Ty. Wow! Just thinking about those days gives me a little headache. Hard to believe a little person can change so much over the course of a year. You should see them all here at the beach. They're enjoying each others company, sleeping together and eating together. Just like brothers should be. Constant company for each other. I hope they'll remember these days. It's all about memories.

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