Sunday, June 10, 2007

Luke, Oh Luke!

Chad just reminded me that Luke has been left out in this whole process. Ty is my model on the web-site and on all of the print materials, and I've talked about Jack on my blog. Well, being the middle child in a classic way, of course I left him out! It wasn't intentional, but it happens. Why is that? The poor middle child syndrome.
Luke is just about as sweet as they come. He is so loving, accepting and reserved. He says that he is shy. I think he's heard me describe him as that to others. His older brother does all of the talking for him (and his mom too I'm afraid), so why does he need to be so outgoing? He starts preschool next year, and I am just thrilled for him. He will make his own friends and come into his own personality. It will be so neat to watch. It's hard to imagine him any better than he is, but I think it's just the beginning. I'm ready for the ride!

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