Tuesday, June 26, 2007

OnTray Gets a Review!

I've been sending out samples to Websites all over the country. I received the first review from a Website based out of LA. http://www.lapregnancy.com/ says this about my product:

Mom Invented, LAPregnancy Approved - OnTray2Go
Mom invented, LAPregnancy approved! That's right, every parent needs one of these!
Take this ingenious device on the go with you to the market. No more buying everything in site for your kiddies to keep them entertained... Ontray2go is THE Answer! Snap it onto your shopping cart and keep your children entertained with their own munchies, toys, etc. Whatever works while you scoot down the aisles of your favorite grocery store!
We just love this idea invented by a mother for mothers!

I am so excited and appreciative to LAPregnancy for their kind words of support!

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