Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shopping Cart Germs!

I was reading an article yesterday on the main page of MSNBC. It was titled something like 10 Grimiest Spots. Shopping cart handle bars were number 5. Here is what they said.

"Shopping cart handles Saliva, bacteria and fecal matter are just a few of the substances found on shopping cart handles. Cart handles rank high on the yuck scale because they’re handled by dozens of people every day and, of course, raw food carries nasty pathogens.
Reduce the risk: Many stores have dispensers with disinfectant wipes near the carts. If your store doesn’t, bring your own wipes and give the handle a quick swab. Or carry along a cart cover like the Grip-Guard or Healthy Handle."

I guess they haven't heard of OnTray, www.ontray2go.com yet, huh?!?!

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