Friday, October 12, 2007

I Need To Get My Groove Back...

Nope, I'm not Stella, and I don't need that kind of a groove back. I'm just feeling uninspired lately. What an awful feeling. I keep logging into my blog everyday thinking, "Ok, today I WILL write something!" I sit her looking at the blank screen hoping some words will pop into my mind, but nothing happens. Tonight, when I logged on and thought the same thing, I just decided to start writing about how I'm feeling. I try to be clever and crafty, witty and informative, but you know what, tonight I just want to type and have nothing in particular to say.
Things are fine. Kids are good. Husband is great. OnTray is heading in a great direction with it's first retail order on the horizon (more about that next week...keep your fingers crossed), and I am just fine...uninspired, but fine. Maybe it's the change in the weather. Maybe it's the fact that all day long I am trying to inspire my children to behave, listen, be nice to one another, get along, do their homework, put their shoes where they belong, put the toilet seat lid down, chew with their mouths closed, stop yelling, go to bed...and stay in bed! Oh just listing these items is making me realize all the more how blah I sound. Oh well, tomorrow's another day. I need to go to bed. Three young boys need to be inspired again tomorrow. I guess my inspiration will just have to wait another day!

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