Saturday, October 20, 2007

Supporting Our Troops (no this is not political)!

For over 6 years now, we have seen signs, commercials, posters, messages, you name it saying "Support The Troops". Not until today, did I truly FEEL the message. A guy in our neighborhood, who happened to be Luke's soccer coach, left this morning for a 6 month deployment to Iraq. Dave has two young daughters and a wife. A friend of mine in the neighborhood arranged for me and Luke and some other neighbors to meet on Dave's driveway with signs, flags and big waves to send him off. What we experienced when he came out of his house to hug us all with big tears streaming down his face, is almost indescribable. This man, a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a friend is VOLUNTARILY missing Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays and other special occasions, to serve our country in Iraq. I personally am not a proponent of the war. I think it stinks quite frankly, but I will tell you this, I SUPPORT THE TROOPS! Especially after seeing Dave drive away from his family and friends. The message has new meaning to me after today.

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