Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kathy Rocks!

Back in November when I was looking for someone to help me with all of my design work, I asked my father-in-law if he knew of anyone (he's a designer by trade). He put me in touch with someone he used to work with named Kathy Thomas. We met and instantly hit it off. She has been the one who has brought the brand 42 kids, OnTray and my web site to life. She truly is one of the most creative people I've ever met. It's amazing that I can say, "Hey Kathy, I'd like to have a page where all of the sites that have reviewed OnTray are featured...can you put something together?". An hour later, voila! I have a page on my site that lists the sites that have reviewed OnTray, written about OnTray or carry OnTray. She is just awesome! She has done so much for me over the 10 months we've been working together and she continues to amaze me.
I've said this before, I truly feel that all the right people are in my life to help me along this journey. Kathy is someone I thank my lucky stars for. She has helped my dream come true! If you want to see her other work, visit today!


Kathy said...

Wow, this person sounds so great! I can't believe it is me! :)

It has been such a pleasure working with you. I don't feel like we are business partners anymore, I feel like we are friends. You are amazing and such a hard worker. Most people don't have a clue where to start when it comes to inventing something and getting it made. You were so brave to tackle this dream and it is great watching it come true!

Thanks. Kathy

Kathy said...

Wow! This person sounds so great, I can't believe it is me! :)

It has been such a pleasure working with you. I feel we have moved from business partners to friends. You are so brave to take on this dream and it is amazing to watch it come true. Most people don't have a clue of how to even begin this adventure. You work so hard and do all the right things and talk to all the right people. You truly are amazing!

You aren't done yet though, there is so much more to invent.

Keep up the great work!