Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ok, Are You Ready For This?

Bonjour! Why the french welcome? Are you ready for this? OnTray is going to be available for sale in FRANCE! Yes, I said FRANCE! Limoges, France to be exact. An owner of an adorable site, , contacted me about a month ago and asked if she could sell OnTray on her site. Well, I shipped her 24 OnTray's as an initial order and they have arrived in France! Beside the fact that I'm excited about the opportunity to sell my product overseas, I am a self proclaimed Francophile (France/Paris freak). I visited Paris once with my father when I was younger and then Chad and I went there in '99. I just love it there. It is my happy place. Half of my house has some sort of Parisian touch! Well, check out her site in a week or so. It's in complete french, but I just do my best to navigate. If something looks interesting I use a translation site. Au revoir!


Heather said...

How exciting for you!! Congratulations!

Kathy Shelton said...

Felicitations!! (Did you know I am a French teacher? Really!) France, of all places. Fantastique :-).

maud said...

chère Laura,
Un petit message en français pour vous remercier car j'ai bien reçu les " On-tray", je vais essayer de les mettre rapidement en ligne sur le nouveau site que je prépare, peut etre la semaine prochaine.
Nous avons une exposition le week end du 29 et 30 septembre et je serais heureuse de présenter le " On-tray "

A bientot !


(bon courage pour la traduction ;)

lchamrick said...

How great that I have a friend who is a French teacher?!?!? She kindly translated this for me.

Dear Laura,

A quick note in French to thank you—I received the Ontrays. I’m going to try to put them online right away on my new website, hopefully next week.

We have an expo the weekend of Sept 29-30 and I will be very happy to present the Ontray there.

See you soon and good luck with the translation.

maud said...

voila le Ontray est enfin en ligne :

j'espre que ça vous plait !


JJN&J Horn said...

Laura, how great! Couldn't be happier for you! We are free for business travel to France just FYI.