Friday, September 21, 2007

I Wish I Had The Guts...

You may remember a while back I told you all about this great web-site, that is carrying OnTray. Heather (that's her in the picture), the owner of the site, has weekly giveaways and she puts the drawing of the winner on YouTube. She films herself doing some silly things while picking the name of the winner. She is a stitch! She even makes Chad laugh (for those of you who don't know Chad...God love him... he's a little hard to please in the humor department!). I wish I had the guts to video tape myself and splash it all over YouTube. Anyway, this week she is giving away an OnTray. Check out the link below to see her in action. Pretty funny!

1 comment:

Mom 4 Life said...

LOL oh you are too fun, thanks for the post and Chad, I will keep working hard for your snickers!