Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sitting At Target....

I was at Target tonight (ok, I'm there like every night) sitting in the Food Court area with all three of my boys while they were enjoying their Icee's. Sitting in that part of the store, I had a perfect view of all of the customers coming into the store. There was this young couple with a baby, probably 3 months old, standing by all of the carts. The man was holding the baby while the mom was attempting to put the cart seat cover on the Target cart. It was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. She was struggling with this cover; at one point I thought she was just going to throw it on the ground. The man she was with, handed her the baby as if to say, "Give it to me...I'll put it on!". This went on for, no joke, 5 minutes. Finally the man handed the baby back to the women, and she figured it out! Ok, so I know there are people out there that use the cart covers. Probably some reading this post! I understand that carts are dirty and the whole reason behind this movement, but I just wanted to walk up to the couple and say, "Have you heard of OnTray? It EASILY fits onto the handle bar of shopping carts and your baby is safer from germs than with nothing there. The children stay busy and you get to shop!". I don't have the guts to approach people, maybe one day! Oh and by the way, you can use OnTray with the cart seat covers. A couple of friends I know use both. How about that, extra germ free!

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