Sunday, May 27, 2007

Raising Boys

Man oh man, raising boys is hard work. Their energy alone is enough to make me go crazy sometimes. I have three boys. Jack is 6, Luke is 3 and Ty is 2. They are constant balls of energy. Their love for their friends, their family, their toys (especially the coveted Pokemon cards) just amazes me. Sometimes I wish I could get excited about something as little as going out for pizza; Or running through the Slip-N-Slide. I remember those days when I got so excited about the littelest things. When you get older, things just aren't as exciting as they were when were little. When it's particularly crazy here, I try to picture the house 20 years from now. The windows will be free of hand prints, and it'll be really quiet here. I'll miss the noise and energy some day.

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