Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas is chaotic!

It's amazing to me that we spend all year gearing up for one day, Christmas. I realize some of you reading this don't celebrate Christmas, and quite frankly...I'm a little jealous. No, my religion is important to me and I enjoy having this time of year to celebrate "The Reason for the Season" (I think I saw that on a billboard somewhere), but once you have children, the reason becomes how many toys Santa brought them! Man oh man, was our day filled with total chaos! We opened presents from Santa at our house in the morning, then we went to my parents house where Santa apparently thought my children were deprived! They tore through the presents like a tornado, and then went down into their basement to see how they all worked. For about 10 minutes, before all of the fighting began, there was actual peace! My parents and I sat and looked at each other like we had just been robbed! We were robbed by three little boys, who on the outside remind us of such sweet children, but then give them a box wrapped in decorative paper, and forget about it. They are not as sweet as they look. My oldest son Jack said to me yesterday, "Mom we 364 more days until Christmas!" Oh my gosh, that's all I have?!?!

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