Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ok, seriously, how sweet is this?

I saw this little Mom-invented product and I instantly feel in love with it. It is a giant, soft, sweet, cozy band-aid for those boo-boos that don't bleed. Stomach aches, bruises, hurt feelings...anything really. Just something for them to love on while they're hurt. Here's what the mom behind this great product says about creating it:

"I was introduced to the magic of adhesive bandages when my son was younger. He wanted a bandage for every minor bump. My strict rule of 'no blood no bandage' just made the tears and drama increase. I finally realized that this little piece of plastic provided some real benefit for my son that allowed him to recover faster and so I stopped resisting. About that time, my son started to complain about aches at bedtime. With the same intensity that he had asked for a bandage for his booboos, he was demanding medicine for his aches. Medicine, however, can do more harm than good and I did not want to give him medicine unless he really needed it. At the time I worked for the company who manufactures Polartec® fabric and had plenty of soft fleece fabric. I made him a wrap that looked like a giant bandage and wrapped it around the part that ached. It worked! He will tell you "it makes me feel better".The (oopdoo)™hug was born!"

I just thought it was fantastic, so I wanted to share! Visit www.oopdoohug.com for more information.


Jennifer from Ohio said...

Thanks for sharing. That is a great idea!

Haasiegirl said...

This is brilliant! thank you for the hint. BTW, I am working on listing your website and your blog and I would lvoe it if you would send me a banner or picture that I can use as a representive of your site, along w/ a description of your blog to my email at trisha@bambinaballerina.com

Also, during our launch, we are doing some big giveaways and we would LOVE to have one of your trays to promote and giveaway to a lucky winner. Can you please contact me?


Audrey said...

That is so cute. I've never seen anything like it. What a great idea.