Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dapper Snappers Giveaway!

I thought I'd pass this along from another site, They are giving away a set of DapperSnappers, which is an ingenious product for the little people who are waist challenged like my middle guy Luke. I can vouch for this product because we have some and they are WONDERFUL. Here's the post. Good luck if you register to win!

DapperSnappers. A clever name for a clever product. My daughter is almost 3 and (typical of the age) is on a food strike. 2T’s are too short on her, but 3T’s are sometimes too big around the waist. My son is not skinny by any means, but for some reason, he constantly has the “droopy drawers” thing goin’ on. And since I’m really not trying to make any kind of fashion statement with my kids, I tried the DapperSnappers. Worked like a charm. Easy to use, stylish and doesn’t get in the way of potty training at all. You have to check it out! Now thru August 31st, when you place your order, use the promo code rmrcarbabies at the top of the purchase page, for buy 2 get 1 free! And if that wasn't enough for you, there's free shipping through September!
The first contest/giveaway ever here at RMR! Let's be honest. You're a mom, you work hard, and damn it, you want some free stuff! This week you'll be entering for a fabulous product called DAPPERSNAPPERS. (See above review for description of product.) Two winners will receive a 3 pack of DapperSnappers!

Contest 411

1. Go to to find out about the product.

2. Go to The Mommy Lounge and become a member. Registration is fast and simple. Seriously. (If you're already a member, skip this step :)

3. Leave a REPLY post here in The Mommy Lounge and explain why you love this product and why you just have to have it.

Want more chances to win? (Who doesn’t?) Leave a separate post for each that you do:

*Post about the contest on your blog/website and link back to both DapperSnappers and RealMomsRock. (Please provide a link.)
*Make a current post about something else in The Mommy Lounge. Create a new topic or jump in somewhere. Wherever, whatever, just chat away with other moms. (Let me know which section you posted in.)
*Twitter about it. (Please provide a link.)

Contest ends on Saturday, August 23rd at midnight. I will use to select the two winning entries. The winners will be sent a private message via The Mommy Lounge on Sunday and published Monday morning. You have 2 days to claim your prize. "

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