Friday, November 07, 2008

Fun & Educational Game...Kubit2Me

A friend, that I have made throughout this inventing process, created a fun and educational game called Kubit2Me. She and I did a little product swapping (bartering is now my new favorite thing...if only I could swap about 1,000 OnTray's for some new dining room chairs!), and our Kubit2Me Little Scholars Edition came in the mail yesterday! This game involves tossing a soft, fuzzy cube with four pockets filled with either alphabet cards or numbers cards, allowing the child to pull a card and see if he knows what is on the card! My boys had so much fun playing it, and it truly will be my new go to present for all the little ones in our lives. Mary Kay, creator of Kubit2Me, also has some other editions in her brands offerings. A fun and light Truth or Dare version for 8 year old plus, and Now Your Talking to get kids to open up in a different and cool way. She really has such a terrific product, and I wanted to share it all with you.


figgys said...

This looks like a great invention!!
Smart women rock!

figgys said...

I like this invention!!!
Smart Women Rock.