Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where are you from?

Ever since I added the widget that shows me where everyone comes from that visits my blog, I am curious to know more. Things like, where are you from? What is it about my blog that you like? Do you have questions for me? Are you a weird stalker? Are you a Mompreneur(TM) like me, and are curious about my journey? I'd love to have some conversation with you. It feels strange to post things about me and my business (sometimes personal life) and not receive any feedback. Anyway, if you feel like it, post a comment to this message. I'll try and respond the best I can, and maybe I'll become a little less curious.


Jennifer from Ohio said...

Hi - I will do my best to make you a little less curious! :) A few months ago I saw your product mentioned in a Parenting magazine and I was intrigued. I do not have kids of my own but am always looking for nifty things for my niece and nephews. I went to your website to learn more about the OnTray and saw that you had a blog. I had a blog that I posted to occasionally, but I was brand new to seeing that there were so many blogs out there and that many businesses were starting blogs. Once visiting your blog, I read that you were from Columbus. My husband and I spent several years living about 1/2 hour away so I felt a connection and bookmarked your blog and have been visiting it ever since. It is fun to see how your product has been growing and the opportunities that you have had. I am now getting intrigued with the idea of using one for my coupons. If you visit my blog, you will see that my husband and I might gain an instant family of 3 children soon as we have just become Foster Parents, so my time online may decrease. I have a lot of blogs that I like to visit now to see new products, enter giveaways and just see other people's lives, but yours is always at the top of my list since it was the first one that I stumbled on. How is that for a novel! :) I hope that all is going well for you and your family!
hermindwanders at gmail dot com

lchamrick said...

Hi Jennifer! You've left me comments before, I think. Anyway, thanks for responding and thank you for sharing about you and your life. How amazing about your potential "instant family". I'm in awe of people like yourself who are Foster Parents. Just so amazing, noble and life changing. Way to go! So you're a coupon gal, huh? Well stay tuned...that's all I can say for now (wink, wink). I appreciate your support!

Dawn said...

Hi Laura,
We spoke last year when I interviewed you for my column in theWAHMmagazine. It's been fun watching your company grow and achieve more success!

I live on Long Island with my husband, our 3 month old daughter and 4 useless cats. LOL

I'm not a creepy stalker, but I do follow you on Twitter! :)

You can find out more at

lchamrick said...

Hi dawn,

I remember you! I had such a good time when you interviewed me. Your article made me sound super smart! :) You were pregnant when we spoke so congratulations! I hope the pink OnTray is coming in handy. Thanks for saying hi!