Monday, March 05, 2012

New OnTray Model?

How cute is this little one using her OnTray at Target? I just love how happy she looks. Love it when our customers share pictures of their little ones using OnTray! Keep them coming.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Laura, first of all I admire your braveness in going forward with OnTray and overcoming the plateaus along the way. You make me believe "the dream" is possible!!!
I am the same way you were 5 years ago, I have an idea but am totally clueless on how to proceed. I just happened to read that your manufacturer was Olan Plastics... I also read that at some point you were $75,000 in debt! :S
You see... I am about to quit my job to have the time to purse my invention, but I only have $4,000 in savings for it. I already have worked with a lawyer to file a patent application and have the logo design and 3D CAD files of the invention. My thought was to use the money I have to create prototypes, sell them, and repeat the cycle... but I am really afraid to hear you need seventy thousand dollars for that! you think I definitely can't do it with $4,000? How much did it cost you to make the mold and the first short run for OnTray?

I'd be the most grateful if you could share your insight and experience with me. My e-mail is if you could find the time to write me some lines. I am also sure that your advice on this subject would be priceless for all other entrepreneurs that find your blog as useful and inspiring as I did.

Thank you for all your effort!