Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Trying to get the word out there!

Well, it's crunch time. I have plans to got Chicago March 22-24th. I entered Oprah and QVC's "Next Big Idea" contest. I'm going to one of three trade shows and presenting OnTray to a rep from QVC. I am so incredibly nervous. I have just a little over 2 weeks to get a presentation together, have pictures taken of the product, and pull my act together. Can I do it? I really think I can. I'm so excited to get the word out there about my product. OnTray has the potential to help many peoples lives a little better. I believe that! Isn't it silly, really. How does a container make someones life better? If I had that when my children were a little younger maybe I would've been a little more patient at the store with them. Maybe they would have enjoyed there time at the store with me. Maybe things just would have been a little calmer Maybe...

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