Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Proud of the WNGCO Women

In July of 2007, I along with 2 other women, started a group we now call WNGCO (Women's Networking Group of Central Ohio). We meet twice a month with a very laid back agenda. There is no fee, because it really is just a group to encourage one another. Anyway, since our last meeting, I have been feeling very proud. Proud of all of the strives EACH one of them have been making. I wanted to list them and post a link to their site. Feel free to check them out. Who knows, they may be someone YOU need to know too!
Janene J.
Susan S.
Karen P.
Kathy T.
Melody H. Hair Stylist
Phyllis N.
Kathy S.
Jennifer R.
Tracy G.
Angela M.
Jennifer J.
Joyce S. Genoa Financial Group, LLC
Susan D.

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