Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Need a laugh?

Ok, so a friend sent me a link to http://www.inthemotherhood.com/. The site has skits on there that are written by moms, for moms and performed by Jenny McCarthy, Leah Remini and Chelsea Handler. The skits are seriously some of the funniest TV or webTV(not that I watch a lot of webTV) I've seen in a long time. The skits are about 6 minutes or so long, but when it's over you're like, "I need more!" I was laughing so hard at the latest episode that my youngest, Ty, said, "Mom, why are you laughing at your puter?" Which made me laugh even harder because he calls the computer the puter. Anyway, if you need a laugh (and who doesn't), check out the site. I guarantee you'll crack up!

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