Monday, March 24, 2008

Donny Duetsch & Laura Hamrick

I don't know if you love this show as much as me, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, but I'm going to be on it tonight! There is a segment at the end of the show (the last 2 minutes) called The American Dream Team. The producer's of the show ask you to send in a 30 second tape of how Donny has inspired you. Well, I shot a tape of me by myself (too embarrassed to ask someone to tape me) and I sent it in 6 weeks ago. I really had given up hope. Then, today I got a phone call from the producer's of the show and they said, "Head's up, you're on Donny's show tonight!" I am so excited. Since it was suppose to be how Donny inspired me, I couldn't really promote myself. I did say my name, where I'm from and that I created a product to make shopping with young children more enjoyable. Hopefully people will be inspired to Google me!


Mother of three said...

Laura – I seen you tonight on the Big Idea! (I LOVE that show!) And even though you didn’t promote yourself and say your product name or company name I found you simply by Googling your name. What inspired me to do so is that you are a stay at home mom and your product was for shopping with children – that was enough for me! I have children and take them shopping with me and think that this is a fabulous product for them!

I am also inspired by you, like you I am a stay at home mother of 3 and have a children’s product that I think would be successful. I seen you on tonight and thought to myself that if she's a stay-at-home-mom and can do it why can't I? --- I know how to form an LLC but I do not know how to get my product created, developed, manufactured and distributed. Any insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated!!!

Very grateful for mothers,


lchamrick said...


I wish you all the best!


PS I sent you a lengthy private message with hopefully some great information!

NinaNina said...

Hi Laura! I seen you on the Donny Duetsch show. I LOVE LOVE all the inspiration the show brings to me and I am sure everyone else does too!. I also am a mother of 3 small boys, five, two and 4 months old. I am originally from columbus Ohio but currently live in Heath Ohio. I too also have a product for children as well as for woman. I have the prototypes but I am not sure where to take it from there. I have done many searches online only to be lost and discuraged. If You in any way can send me some information to keep me on track and on my way would be so greatly appreciated. I currently work outside the home and I want to be able to spend time with my 3 boys.Thank you for the inspiration as well!