Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What a bummer!

I just received some bad news. They didn't go into the details, but Michelle (a producer with the show) said they needed to cancel the segment. She said there was a lot going on over there and if there was a chance for me to be on a future show, they'd keep me posted. I'm completely bummed, and disappointed. It's amazing how excited you can be one day, and down the next. I'm learning from this though. Yesterday I was completely frazzled about how I was going to get everything done in time to leave my boys and fly out on Wednesday. It seriously left me anxious and nervous...all day! Nothing, no TV segment, no interview or any pr is worth me not paying as much attention to my family and business happenings as I do every other day of the week. From here on out, I will prioritize what is important and if great pr comes and bites me in the you know what I'll see if I have enough time to make it happen! (ok so I'm a little bitter!)

I spoke with a producer at the show, and she assured me that it wasn't me or my product, but they just needed to go a different route . I am at the top of her list when they start to do segments with children products again. I will be ready ,willing and able when they call!

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Debra w said...

Good for you for remembering that your family should always come first! I sometimes think that we are tested with large distractions in order to bring us back to center.

Your product is very innovative and I am sure that it will sell well. Best of luck with all you do!


PS-Stopping over from wonderful Patriot's site