Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's a Nuddle?

I first saw Jenn Feldman on Oprah. She has a gorgeous home in CA that was featured on an episode where Nate Berkus visited viewer's homes that had even him impressed. She had some fantastic ideas, one being that monogramming just looks rich. I went out the next day and had a pillow monogrammed. Turns out Jenn is the sister of one of Chad's good friends and co-worker at Casto with him! How weird is that? Well we were out to dinner with Adam (Jenn's brother) a couple of weeks ago and he told us of Jenn's new product, The Nuddle Blanket. The name is a combination of nap & cuddle. Too cute, huh? What makes this blanket so unique is that it is extra long to cover even your tootsies with a foot pocket. It's also made out of ultra-plush material and has handy slats for your arms to slide through (you know so you can still hold the remote or the latest novel you're reading). I'm needing a nap just talking about this thing! Anyway, check it out at I think the pictures might have been taken at Jenn's house. You can see all of her gorgeous decor! Best wishes Jenn!

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