Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can I ask for your vote?

Can I ask for your vote? Buy the way...there's money in it for you! Read below...

"Respond now for a chance to win $50 cash prize*

American Baby Magazine is hosting a contest for the best baby products.
It says, Vote for the best baby products. Which baby products get your seal of approval? Cast your votes for three must-have, can't live without items that make caring for your baby easier -- and your life a whole lot simpler. Winning products receive an AMBY award in our October issue. Include Brand names so we know which companies to recognize for a job well done.

*Ten entries will be selected at random to receive a cash prize. The deadline is June 6, 2008. (Neither voting nor purchase is necessary to be eligible for a prize.)"


If any of you have a minute, could you vote for OnTray today? Hey, while you're at it, vote for those other great baby products you can't live without!

E-mail your submission to:

Thank you all so much!!!

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Mommy Goggles said...

I voted! I love OnTray!!